Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients achieve and exceed their growth and revenue goals. We aim to become the leading collector and purchaser of corporate and municipal/SOE debt books.

  • To help clients achieve their business goals and objectives.
  • To deliver the highest levels of customer service and integrity.
  • To provide a strategic service for corporates and municipalities by implementing a world-class collection platform solution.
  • To develop a world-class South African company.

Our Goals

Collection and purchasing of corporate and municipal debt books allows our clients to focus on their core businesses enhancing their revenue and allowing us to bring much-needed revenue back into the South African economy.

  • To create awareness about our services:

Large outstanding debt can be sold, and much-needed money is able to circulates back into the organization.

  • To enhance rapid growth:

The basis has been built for high growth using the latest technological advances in call centre collections, software and data analytics.

  • Research and development:

To own the best up-to-date consumer-related information.

  • To drive book purchases:

Creating a scalable business by purchasing the large books at the best prices for long-term growth.

Why choose us

Pre Legal Collections

3rd Party – early to late stage

Debt Purchasing

Maximising cash flow


Collection Platforms
and Switching

Account and debit order management

Data Services

Secure & compliant


BPO Services

All levels of engagement

People Solution

Training, learnerships & placements


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